How Can I Help?
Many of Bunk's family and friends have asked how they can help.

We have set up a special needs trust in his name to cover ongoing medical
and rehabilitation costs that are not covered by insurance. Donations to
Bunk's cause are being handled by Try for Others, an established non-profit
organization that has agreed to help.  100% of the donations made
through Try For Others goes to directly to Bunk for his care needs.

We urge you to help Bunk in his time of need! Thank you for your support.
The Cost of Care
The lifetime health care
costs and living expenses
to care for someone in
Bunk's condition is
estimated to be about
- $6 million
.  Through the
generosity of Bunk's
friends and family, we
raise enough yearly to
partially pay for his care
needs.  But this is just the

Your help is greatly
needed and appreciated!
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The Try For Others Foundation was founded in the fall of 2004 by
Dominic Cooke, and his family. Dominic played rugby for seven years
before an automobile accident left him paralyzed from the waist
down prior to his senior season at the University of California
Berkeley. Although devastated, the outpouring of support from his
teammates, coaches, and the rugby community comforted him during
a very difficult time in his life. Through this experience, Dominic
realized that rugby is not only a sport but also membership to an
exclusive community bonded by an interest for the game and those
who play it. It is in this spirit that the Try For Others Foundation was
established to help those in the rugby community overcome life-
altering injuries.

Donation Instructions
Please choose one of the following means of contributing:
  1. Click the "Donate Now" button at the left to make a donation
    to Try For Others. Donations through this button are
    automatically earmarked for Bunk.
  2. Visit the donations page at the Try For Others  web site for
    other options, including payment through check. Please be
    sure to earmark the donation to Bunk Wurth!
This organization has 501(c)(3) status, so donations will be tax
Contributions through Try for Others