Ava & Vivienne Luthin (ages 7 and 10) of Sebastopol, California, pioneered the Bunk
Lemonade fundraiser. Please see their tips for a successful operation below. Photos and an
encouraging note are also attached. We encourage you to take photos of your event and
send to Beverly at so we can post them on Bunk's photo gallery!

Ava & Vivienne's Lemonade Stand Tips
1.  Make lemonade
2.  Get cups and ice
3.  Put out a table in a good location
4.  Download pictures of Bunk and print
5.  Put pictures on cardboard with Bunks website
6.  Tell customers about Bunk - always show them the pictures
7.  Charge 50 cents, but encourage bigger donations
8.  Tell them all money goes to Bunk
9.  Have a money jar
10.  Yell, "lemonade for a good cause" to get customers attention
11.  Most importantly always have a smile on your face
12. Ask mom and dad to match your earnings