Bunk's Calendar
Welcome to Bunk's calendar! The purpose of this calendar is to let Bunk know who is coming, and to help
those who are planning a trip to choose dates effectively so that his schedule is reasonably balanced.  Please
see entry instruction below.
Entry Instructions / Suggestions
This is an interactive calendar: please enter your name(s) in the calendar for each day that you plan to visit
Bunk at Craig Hospital (no need to post before / after travel days when you will not be actually visiting Bunk).
Please put
only your names in the Brief Description field, and all other details in the Full Description field.

Here's how to post an entry: click the plus (+) sign on the calendar to add your entry. Please just put your
name(s) in the "Brief Description" field. Put any other details, including duration of stay, your cell phone
number & e-mail address, total number of people visiting, accommodation detail, etc., in the "Full Description"
field. Suggest you only put details in the first of your entries. Your email address would be very helpful, since
it would allow us to coordinate with you on visiting times, special events, etc. Please note that once an entry
is in the calendar, you cannot delete it: please email
erica@bunkwurth.org to delete or change an entry. FYI,
the darker color on the calendar simply indicates weekend days.
Bunk can't wait to see you!