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Alec (Bunk) Wurth grew up in Orange, California.  At 36, Bunk was an
excellent and dedicated special education teacher, a strong athlete, a
committed friend, and a devoted son and brother.  Bunk sustained a
serious spinal cord injury while playing in a rugby match on February 25,
2006 in Southern California.  The C4 and C5 vertebrae were dislocated
into his spine, and he immediately lost all movement and sensation from
the shoulders down.  Initially, Bunk was able to move his shoulders and
breathe on his own; however, since the surgical repair to the vertebrae
and in the weeks following the injury, bruising elevated up the spine to
the C2 level, which is currently rendering him unable to breathe on his
own and dependant on a ventilator.  Family, friends, and especially Bunk
are confident that through his hard work and determination, the
unconditional support of his family and friends, a strong faith, sincere
prayers and modern medicine, Bunk will recover.  Bunk has never faltered
in maintaining the clear vision of his full recovery and healing.  We are
grateful for Bunk’s courage and strength throughout this catastrophic
event in his life, and ask for your continued support and prayers for him.

Bunk taught for eight years at the
Speech and Language Development
Center in Buena Park, a school for children and young adults with
language, learning, and behavioral disorders that often result in complex
educational needs.  Bunk is a hugely positive influence to hundreds of
students and their families; he holds each and every student in the
highest esteem, and loves every one of them for the unique and special
role each plays in our greater world.  

An outstanding athlete his entire life, Bunk is an avid rugby, softball,
basketball and soccer player, fisherman and surfer.  He is a key member
of the
Orange County Bucks rugby team, and they are counting on his
complete recovery.  Bunk is an alumnus of both
Servite High School (’88)
Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Art Education.  Throughout his high
school and college years, he has forged dozens of lifelong friendships.  
An accomplished artist in his own right, Bunk could often be found
painting and creating in both his father’s workshop and his classroom
with his students.  

Bunk has spent his entire adult life as a uniquely gifted teacher helping to
improve the lives and well being of his students and all of those around